Token Economy
The decentralized nature of blockchain creates the new concept of a token economy. MLIKI as a Hybrid Marketplace will be issued a digital token called Mliki Token (MLIKI) to support the platform development. Mliki Token (MLIKI) is utility token of Mliki ecosytem that enables utility for users of the protocol. Mliki Token (MLIKI) is a multi-chain token minted on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain with a finite supply that cannot be increased.
The days of building a token that simply acts as a currency in a closed economy are long gone. Now, the success of a token hinges upon various factors involving:
  • Release Schedules
  • Distribution
  • Initial Circulating Supply
  • Valuation at Listing
  • Max Supply
  • Max Valuation at Offered Price
  • Early Investor Bonuses
  • Transparency
  • Market-making Capacity
The value of Mliki token is amplified by our acquired intuitive rationale to create token use case and deep-rooted understanding of the supply and demand.

Name: MLIKI Ticker: MLIKI Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 Decimal: 18 Block Explore: Tax Buy And Sell : 6%
  • 1% redistribution to holder
  • 2% goes to treasury wallet
  • 1% goes to blackhole wallet (burn)
  • 2% goes to liquidity

Tokens can act as a essential factor that builds communities and boost the uses of token. To do so, the metrics must make it possible for the token to perform well and metrics cannot simply be designed through a buckshot of figures on a spreadsheet.

With token architecture that applies a 6% tax and redistributed towards holder as well as company treasury wallet,Mliki always ensures development of the ecosystem in parallel with external collaborations with strategic partners and the growth of the community.

The Mliki Token (MLIKI) will supercharge Mliki’s in-experience economy by creating sustainable engagement value for users. Furthermore, the Mliki token will power Mliki’s partner, enabling its participants to capture the value created.

Mliki token will be the main currency on the Mliki ecosystem. Mliki token are exchanged for the goods, service, digital asset or to pay for product ads on the platform and etc.

Mliki token holder are allowing to participate in sales events, get cashback vouchers, and get free delivery vouchers.

To boost the number of users, Mliki will be equipped with an affiliate program. Affliator will earn Mliki token as a rewards.

Buyers and sellers will earn Mliki tokens based on their buying and selling activities. For example buyers will get Mliki Token when shopping with a certain amount or date (Ex: 11.11) in Mliki Marketplace. Seller will get Mliki Token if they can reach sale milestones with specific quantities or a certain amount of sales.

Mliki token holder are allowing to stake their token and earn passive income with it. The length of staking time and token amount will affect to staking rewards.

The Mliki team will continuously listen to the community and collect proposals through social media and other platforms, the community can develop proposals, and Mliki token holders can vote on listed proposals.
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